Ben Rookledge

Registered Osteopath

Anyone can find disease, It’s the art of the practitioner to find health.

A. T. Still (founder of osteopathy)

I have been practicing osteopathy for over a decade.

At The European School of Osteopathy I found a true passion for osteopathy and its ability to help people regain and maintain health. I believe it is the enjoyment in the exploration of healing arts and its philosophy that gives my advantage when inspiring and motivating people to live longer, happier and healthier lives.

In 2009 I whilst playing rugby for Maidstone Rugby Club 1st XV, I sustained a nose break. In a very unorthodox moment I found the club osteopath who managed to correct my nose in the changing room. This osteopath inspired me to start my journey in helping people. I was impressed with her skills, accuracy and knowledge around the human body and found that her treatments were extremely effective.

Since graduating with my masters I started to work in private practice around Kent and Central london. My time was also found working at the European School of Osteopathy as an assistant lecturer for two long stranding tutors. This cultivated my skills and influenced my nature in how I educate my patients.

My secret advantage – I have undergone an extensive martial art education. In this endeavor I discovered a precise analytical fighting system that focusses on self awareness development. The ‘forms’ taught in the martial art system influenced my unique osteopathic approach, harmonizing orthopedic and osteopathic testing with a more subtle understanding of the body.

I have full confidence in my ability to diagnose and treat issues with the musculo-skeletal system. I will refer patients when necessary. I take passion in maintaining good posture and physical fitness, hoping to lead by example.

Overall, I am a people person. I love my job and find each and every individual uniquely fascinating and I always keep an open mind to learn and improve my osteopathic service.